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Thank You for choosing SafeTFirst Corporation.

Our services are designed to serve you in every part of your life.


Four levels of service:

Personal Safety – fast response to danger, medical crisis, abuse, bullying

II. Caring for people in your life – use our remote monitoring and communications services

III. Group Management - Leader or member, informal (Family, club, hobby) or formal (business)

IV. Protecting People and Property – Define, detect, verify, respond to unwanted events, home or work

And the Benefits

Personal Safety: Less Worry, Happier, More Productive.
Knowing The People You Care About Are Ok: Less Worry, Better Focus, More Productive.
Group Management: Members Have More Fun When The Group Is Well Run, Coordinated, And Safe.
Knowing People and Property You Care About Are Safe: Less Worry, Concentration, Peace Of Mind


1. RISK AND RESPONSE: discuss schedules, safety risks, and responses, with family and/or the people in the close-to-you-group.

2. ONE OR MORE GROUPS: one Safety Network group from your personal life, others for work day, hobby or sport group. For
example, a bike/hike/tour group should consider risks to members and agree in advance how to report and how to respond.

3. ONE OR MORE DEVICES: registered users can install SafeTChecker on multiple devices with the same operating system (android
2.3 and up, or apple’s IOS 5 and up), each device is registered to you and uses your profile data and ID (email address) and PIN
(your code).

4. AND BROWSER: use your computer’s Browser to access SafeTChecker services and web services. Especially convenient to use
for entering and editing contacts and settings, viewing history, and sending and receiving Alerts and Group IM Conferencing at
work, home or on the road. Just use the Member Log In on our web site: www.SafeTFirst.com

5. BUILD A SAFETY NETWORK: and add people every day everywhere you go to strengthen your Safety Network.

6. YOU NEED MORE THAN CLOSE FRIENDS: Use your phone and email lists to send invitations to everyone in the places where
you spend time. Get contact information, at least phone numbers, for the front desk, security office, building maintenance for every
place you spend any time or even pass by, e.g., the coffee shop, parking lot attendant, front security desk, etc. on the way to work,
school, or the mall.

7. HOW TO ADD CONTACTS: Use SafeTChecker to access your phone list and email lists. In SafeTChecker “Settings” =>
in “Contacts” using your Phone or Browser, select and add contacts from your contact lists.

8. HOW “RESCUE” WORKS: In an emergency use SafeTChecker will find and notify nearby members of your emergency contacts

list, and show the location where you need help. Nearby people will get your call for help. If they are also using the SafeTFirst
App they will see your location on a map. If they are not using SafeTFirst, but are on your contact list, they will get an SMS (test
message), email, or voice message on their phone notifying them that you are nearby and asking for help.

9. FAST, EASY SET UP: Using the browser version running on a device with bigger screen and a keyboard and mouse, makes it
easier to set up contacts and settings other safety and rescue rules.

10. KEEP ADDING CONTACTS: build your contact list – no one is ever called or messaged or alerted unless they are close by when
you need help. You may never need to call for rescue, but if you do, the larger your network the quicker the response. And, acting
as a Good Samaritan you can use your rescue service to help anyone in trouble, Rescue, and for Abuse, Bullying, report it with
Report Services.

11. VICTIM OR WITNESS: If you witness abuse, bullying, a crime, vandalism, you can report the incident without the perpetrator’s
knowledge. Select the right report, correct the location data if need be, add comments or take a picture, and report the problem.
Who gets the report? Nearby people in your network, remember your contacts come from all the places you go, but also
responding will be registered businesses, authorities, and Good Samaritans. At school for example, the school can be registered
with contact information for admin, staff, faculty, security, maintenance, crossing guards, and so on, and, as part of the registered
group – they will get the Alert, the map, the picture and your comments.

12. ACCESS TO WEB SERVICES: Add video and take alerts at no cost, or use low cost hand off of alerts when you are busy.
Video allows you to look to be sure the kids are home, that seniors are up, and the housekeeper has arrived. You can also leave
instructions for the delivery man, and so on.

13. CARE GIVERS: Video, two-way audio, sensors, along with rules, policy, authorized access, people, with times of day and day of
week parameters, provide powerful support for the remote care giver, providing comfort and protection for the senior, and peace of
mind for the care taker.

14. PROTECTING PEOPLE AND PROPERTY FOR UNAUTHORIZED ENTRY: detecting unauthorized entry for home, office,
building, or control access to specific areas or rooms, medicine cabinets, workshops, etc.. Stop false alarms with automated or live

15. GROUP MESSAGING SUPPORT: all services use group alerts and group IM conferencing for bringing attention to a problem,
need, or announcement.

16. MANAGED GROUPS are formed by invitation and generally have a reason or purpose they service.

17. MANAGED AND SELF-MANAGED GROUPS: Self-managed groups are lead by an unpaid group member: Home/family,
neighborhoods, hobby groups, teams, clubs, 9 members or less. Managed groups have professional or dedicated
management, elected or paid group management. The Group is formed by invitation from the manager, and the manager
has the right to invite, remove, authorize group paid services for members, assign roles and manage group contacts to create
efficient effective communications. The group manager is charged $1 per month for each member over 9. Member use is
free for their personal use, and as a member of a managed group, may be authorized by the group to use paid services on
behalf of the group.


18. BUSINESSES CAN REGISTER AND BE RECOGNIZED AS SAFETPLACES: SafeTPlaces offer customers the knowledge that
they will respond to alerts on or near their business, rest rooms, parking, and others areas immediately around their business.


19. PATHFINDER OR PATHFINDERS: these are generic names for people in your safety network. Some PathFinders will volunteer to
come to the assistance of anyone in an emergency. We will use Public PathFinders when they are nearby, and we have not found
five of your contacts as close to you as the nearby Public PathFinder. You are welcome to apply for Public PathFinder status. You
are automatically a PathFinder when you are invited to be on a Safety Network..

20. SAFETWORLD AND PATHFINDER FORUM: SafeTWorld is our community for users and PathFinders. The PathFinder Forum
is where PathFinders can document their experiences. We are seeking leadership for our community programs and especially
for health care and PathFinder data collection. Our goal will be to create or conform to data standards in order that our data can
contribute to world health and world safety.

21. NEW PROGRAMS: We have more planned programs than resources. We invite public spirited contribution of expertise, and the
integration of existing services, and private funding of spin-offs to add value, open market, reach more places around the globe we
call our home.

Let your friends know about SafeTFirst, recruit SafeTPlaces, be safe.

Best Wishes, the SafeTFirst Team.